Ozone Generator CarpetCare can now offer a new odour neutralizing service for houses, flats, restaurants and caravans that destroys odour causing bacteria and molecules. It is excellent for smoke damage, mould, mildew, pet odour and other sources of odour commonly found in homes and offices, especially during building maintenance.

This economical environmental odour neutralizer actually destroys the source of the odour and leaves pure fresh oxygen in its place. It also provides rapid deodorizing for hotel rooms, meeting rooms, used cars, mobile homes and boats. The new Ozone Generator unit will eliminate odour in any indoor location including kitchens, bathrooms basements and more.

  • Portable generator for fast, safe odour removal
  • Quickly deodorizes houses, restaurants and mobile homes
  • Kills cigarette smoke odour and pet smells
  • Efficiently cleans stale air in residential homes
  • Excellent for freshening up used cars, buses boats and caravans
  • Eliminates smoke odour caused by fire damage
  • Removes food odour and cooking smells in kitchens